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LINQ Introduction

LINQ is a set of standard query operators that brings powerful query facilities right into the .NET Framework language such as C# and VB.NET. The LINQ framework brings together the capability of data access with the power of data manipulation.

The following example utilizes LINQ, a few standard query operators, and the IEnumerable<T> interface
to query and process the contents within a defined array.

Here I given example in C#.


private void LINQExample()
                       string[] firstnames = { "John", "Smith", "Dennies", "Bob"};
                       IEnumerable<string> names = from fn in firstnames
                                                                   where fn.StartsWith("S")
                                                                   select fn;
                       foreach (string name in names)



The first statement defines an array of first names. The next one is the new statement. A local variable, names in this case, is initialized with a Language Integrated Query expression. The expression contains two query operators. Operators used are where and select. The local variable names expose the IEnumerable<string> interface, which provides the capability to iterate through the collection. The results are created as you start to iterate through them via the foreach statement.

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