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C# Improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

C# 7.0 comes with Visual Studio 2017 has new features which improves your productivity. Today we discuss the C# 7.0 improvements.

             The first and very important feature available in C# 7.0 is Live Unit Testing. With this feature, you no need to worry about spotting errors, live unit testing runs all unit tests continuously in the background. If an error occurs, it immediately displays the error via marker on the left side by indicating the line of code which causes the error. If you don't want to run all tests in the background, go to solution explorer and provide which tests that you want to run continuously in the background.

             In C# 7.0, Find All References feature showing results in different which increases the readability. It is also creating custom hierarchy while showing the results.

             In Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Intelligence feature has been improved. Now it offers better options for developers who uses keyboard mostly especially to narrow down the results intelligence shows. Intelligence contains new feature called Code Suggestions with Visual Studio 2017. By using this new Code Suggestions feature, Intelligence shows better alternative coding options by simply highlighting the code for which you want better options. This improves code efficiency and increases the consistency of the code.

             Visual Studio 2017 also supports Custom Coding Conventions. With this feature, developers can enforce the coding styles or standards by simply editing the configuration file EditorConfig file. This helps the readability in the code.

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