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Create First AngularJS application

Today we discuss how to create AngularJS application. AngularJS framework is available at . Let’s create our first AngularJS application as shown below.

<!DOCTYPE html>     


<body ng-app>

    <input type="text" ng-model="txtBox" placeholder="Enter your name" />

    <h1> Hi <span ng-bind="txtBox"></span></h1>

    <script src=""> </script>




As shown above we downloaded the AngularJS framework by using script tag.

  • We mentioned ng-app in body tag which tells AngularJS that it is only allowed to work within the body tag.

  • We mentioned ng-model tag for textbox which AngularJS identity for the textbox

  • We are binding the textbox data by using ng-bind tag

Save the page as FirstAngularJSApp.html and open it in the browser. Enter a name in textbox; automatically it binds textbox data within <span> tag and displays as shown below.

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