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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery drain

I have bought Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge couple of months back. My phone was good till last week. From the last couple of days, my phone battery is draining very fast. I have checked Battery Usage by going to Settings=>Battery=>Battery Usage. Under Battery Usage, I found “Media Server” which was taking more than 50% battery. 



I have inserted an external memory card, and I thought the battery drain was because of the memory card, so I removed the external memory card and restarted my phone. However, after a couple of hours, my phone was draining again. Then I have spent some time researching on the internet and realized that battery drain is because of Chrome browser recent update. Chrome browser automatically updated to latest version.

Then I have forcibly stopped the Chrome browser and disabled it by going to Settings => Applications => Application manager and select Chrome from the available application list. Select FORCE STOP and DISABLE buttons. Restarted my mobile and enabled the Chrome by going to Application Manager from Setting same as before. Now the Chrome browser reset to the factory version. After doing this, my phone battery is fine and not showing “Media Server” under Batter Usage.

To disable Auto Updates for Chrome, open Play Store => search for Chrome and open Chrome Browser – Google => right click on the menu and unrelenting Auto-update checkbox. 


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