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Usage of Interface - C# Coding Standard 7

Whenever we have common methods, Events...etc need to be supported by multiple classes then we can use Interfaces. In C#, single class can implement multiple interfaces.

We need to follow below coding rules while using Interfaces in C#.

             Interfaces name should start with the letter “I”

             Name Interfaces with adjective phrases. Don't use nouns or noun phrases.


Most of the instances we don't require to use Interfaces, instead we can use abstract classes which can have method implementation whereas interfaces can contain only method declarations. And the other reason why to use abstract classes wherever it is possible is classes can be versioned whereas interfaces cannot.

Below are the specific reasons when we must use Interfaces.

             When multiple unrelated classes want to support same protocol

             When the classes have already established base classes. Eg: User Interface controls, XML Web services

             Where aggregation is not appropriate or practical


Once assemblies implement interfaces, it's usually impossible to change later.

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